For the Welfare of all Children, 2016

For the Welfare of all Children is a series of 45 drawings and mixed media images on book pages lifted from texts about child health.

“[…] Vella expands his subject matter to the welfare of all children and not only of those caught in war zones. […] The artist questions society’s supervision and the imposed structure to protect them. But how many end up being exploited by the same system that is supposed to help them? […] The work of Vella brings us to consider some of the utopian ideals of art within the world in which we live. The ugliness and beauty of humanity, the constructive and destructive qualities that come with power that can save lives or kill, the pleasure, the realities and the contradictions of just being humans.” Dr. Denis Longchamps, Artistic Director and Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

  • December 28, 2016