Raising a Revolutionary, 2014

How do you educate a revolutionary of the future? A thick manual that teaches good parenting techniques is pulled apart and stuck back in random order to create large sheets of paper. On each sheet, a single book-cover with title and author’s portrait is drawn by crossing out hundreds of printed lines of text with pencil. The title of each book is partially legible, while the drawn portraits are all revolutionaries or prophets of civil disobedience or anarchism like Thoreau, Luxemburg and Kropotkin. One document (an old photographic portrait) erases another (a book that educates the educator), yet both remain visible. Each of these historic ‘fighters’ strikes out this intimate world of maternal contact, feeding, and initial stages of body awareness. Each revolution tries to erase or forget the past, yet something from the past lives on.

Dimensions of each drawing: 97 x 65 cm

Bottom photo: Detail of solo exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

  • January 23, 2014