Good Walls make Good Neighbours, 2015

What do walls mean in our lives today? What do they mean to ‘us’, and what do they mean to those who live on the other side of these walls? Walls bring to mind private and public space, neighbours, noise, architecture and history, colonial spaces, construction and destruction, homes and homelessness. The exhibition Good Walls make Good Neighbours dealt with these issues not only through the work of visual artists but also by taking into account the legal implications of party walls, the history of the notion of ‘home’, and the work of some authors whose work deals with neighbours and street gossip. The adopted curatorial strategy also considered the rooms of the exhibition venue (Upper Galleries, St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta) and the exhibited works as metaphors of walls and neighbours. Like people moving house, selected works of art are relocated to a new environment (the exhibition space) and a new conceptual space (the exhibition’s ‘theme’ or point of focus), and they are also forced into new dialogues with adjacent works by other artists. Works of art have neighbours too.

Artists selected for the exhibition: Yael Bartana, Sonia Guggisberg, David Pisani, Duygu Nazli Akova, Zineb Sedira, Tom Van Malderen (with Bettina Hutschek), Claudia Larcher, Teresa Sciberras and Sarah van Sonsbeeck. Authors: Immanuel Mifsud, Clare Azzopardi.

Photos, top to bottom: Works by Zineb Sedira, Yael Bartana and Sarah van Sonsbeeck installed in Good Walls make Good Neighbours in Valletta

  • September 12, 2015