Antibody, 2021

The animated video Antibody (2021, 7 min 43 sec) uses hundreds of drawings to tell a brief tale mixing historical and contemporary narratives, medicine and politics. A contagious disease breaks out on a small island, spreading an alien virus and fear amongst its inhabitants. While scientific guidelines would appear to be the obvious approach to the emergency, the islands’ inhabitants find a different way of neutralising the infectious intruder.
Antibody was included in the exhibition Debateable Land(s), a project organised in October, 2021 in Kalkara, Malta, by Grammar of Urgencies Collective in collaboration with Margerita Pulè/Unfinished Art Space and Greta Muscat-Azzopardi. The video was shown in different exhibitions. In ‘Debateable Land(s)’, it was displayed as a reflection in water in a bath tub (photos by Elisa von Brockdorff). In ‘That Other Place’, it was shown on a monitor in an underground red chamber with a wall drawing by the artist (photos by the artist).
  • September 21, 2021